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Oakden Health and Wellness is dedicated to helping you make permanent changes in your lifestyle through personally customized meals, exercise programs, and holistic living. These simple changes will create lifelong improvements in the way you think and feel.

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Dr. Wade Oakden

Wade Oakden, MD is a Board Certified Family Physician. He received his medical degree fromThe American University of The Caribbean in 1998. He then completed his residency training at The University of North Dakota and graduated in 2001. He served as Chief Resident from 2000-2001 while training at The University of North Dakota. He was also awarded Resident of the Year award in 2000. Dr Oakden has been practicing traditional Family Medicine for the last15 years where he has practiced a broad scope of medicine including Emergency Medicine,Preventive Medicine, Obstetrics, Surgery, Trigger Point and Joint injections, Physical exams ,and Sports Medicine! His passion is nutrition, exercise, weight management and disease modification using diet and life style changes. Dr Oakden has an amazing wife who has a passion for clean eating, and seven children that make his life interesting and exciting everyday!

Kim Oakden

Kim Oakden is a certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and is also certified in Culinary Nutrition. Her goal is to help others achieve a healthier more balanced and fulfilling life through mindful eating, daily exercise, meditation, goal setting and self empowerment. She believes that being healthy is not only about food but about holistic living and understanding ourselves. She runs her own health coaching practice and teaches culinary nutrition classes and workshops. She helps her clients make simple lifestyle changes that result in more energy, feeling healthier, losing and maintaining a healthy weight, becoming balanced, and developing healthy habits that last a lifetime.
When she isn’t coaching clients she loves spending time with her family exercising, enjoying the outdoors, creating new recipes, and just enjoying time with them!!!

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