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Green vegetables are the most commonly missing food in modern diets. Learning to incorporate dark leafy greens into the diet is essential to establishing a healthy body and immune system. Greens help build your internal rainforest and strengthen the blood and respiratory system. When you nourish yourself with greens, you may naturally crowd out the foods that make you sick. Leafy green vegetables are also high- alkaline foods. Alkaline minerals in our bodies neutralize acidic conditions caused by the environment. Green vegetables help to replenish our alkaline mineral stores and filter out pollutants.

-Institute For Integrative Nutrition


In today’s world it is hard to add all the fruits and vegetables that we need into our diet.  Yet it is so important to fuel our bodies with these very essential nutrients.  I know my children don’t get all the vegetables and fruits that they need to provide them with these nutrients.  I have found that I have to supplement their diets with vitamins in order to give them the nutrients that they need.

Healthy Breakfast

I found a great product that I give my kids which they love.  Juice Plus comes in gummy form and are made from fruits and vegetables but taste like candy!  They also come in capsules.  Since taking them we are all feeling healthier and keeping our immune systems strong!  Check out their site at!

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