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Have you heard the BUZZ?! The buzz on superfoods that is! They are the latest rave and everyone is wondering about them. But, are superfoods all they are cracked up to be or just another fad or quick fix? Well let us tell you!

I like to think of a superfoods as the missing puzzle piece, the icing on the cake (without all of the extra calories and processed sugar) or the cherry on top! A superfood is a food which contains a wide variety of concentrated vitamins and minerals that we cannot always find in the foods we eat in our everyday meals. They are loaded with antioxidants and are sure to help you feel your best! Here we will introduce the top five powerhouses (our favorites anyway) that are sure to provide your body with the energy and strength it needs to conquer whatever comes your way!!

Raw Cacao
One of the most delicious superfoods, raw cacao comes from the bean of a cacao plant and is un-roasted and much less processed than chocolate chips or chocolate bars. Cacao contains tons of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and a decent amount of fiber! Use Cacao in smoothies, treats or baked goods!

Chia Seeds
Containing omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, protein, fiber and antioxidants chia seeds are great to add to any diet. They promote satiety and keep cravings at bay by keeping our bellies full and bodies nourished!

Hemp Hearts
Hemp hearts are crunchy, salty and nutty flavored little seeds that go well on top of salads, in your morning smoothie or mixed in with your other nuts and seeds. Containing all the essential amino acids Hemp hearts are a great source of plant based protein. They contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that are great for cardiovascular and brain health.

This superfood comes from a root but is normally found in a powdered form and has a wide array of benefits such as balancing hormones, boosting libido and increasing fertility and stamina. We sometimes call Maca our happy drug because of its adaptogenic and mood boosting properties. It has a very earthy, caramel like flavor and is great mixed in hot drinks, elixirs and/or smoothies.

Reishi Mushroom
Reishi Mushrooms are one of the many powerful medicinal mushrooms known to be used in Chinese Medicine for over thousands of years. It is often referred to as the “mushroom of immortality” for its immune-boosting properties and benefits for overall health and well being. Reishi Mushroom can be found in a powdered form and tastes amazing in hot drinks as well as smoothies. Here is one of our favorite Medicinal Mushroom Elixirs.

So there you have it, the Buzz on superfoods! In our opinion, they are winners in our books and we try to add a few of these powerful little guys into smoothies, salads and drinks everyday!
Don’t have access to these superfoods? Remember that super powers are also found in eating a well balanced, whole food diet filled with fruits, veggies (lots of greens), proteins and healthy fats (lots of guacamole) and is the most important step in gaining health and wellness and becoming your best self. When we make our health a priority we feel our best and we want you to feel your best also!

Let us know if you try any of these superfoods out and if you would like more ideas check out this great superfood recipe.

Wishing you lots of Giggles, Greens and Guacamole-

Kiera Moss
Culinary Nutritionist

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